Search continues for missing woman in Rowan County



ROWAN COUNTY, Ky. (WDKY) – Dozens of volunteers are out again Friday searching CCC Trail for any signs of Jill Clayton. It’s a very rural area. The sheriff says that’s what’s making the search so difficult.

Clayton’s boyfriend, Gary Jeffries, is the main person of interest in this case. He’s in custody in Louisville for unrelated charges.

The sheriff said Jeffries is very familiar with the area. Neighbors say he frequently wandered in the woods.

Volunteers have been instructed to be observant and not leave any leaf unturned as they search. The sheriff’s office has used tracking and cadaver dogs throughout their search for Clayton.

Clayton’s family says she was last seen Thanksgiving morning, two weeks ago. Jeffries showed up to Thanksgiving dinner alone, saying Jill was sick. It wasn’t until days later when her family realized she was nowhere to be found.

Her family says they’ve been searching every day since she went missing. Clayton’s sister, Katherine Holbrook, tells us she doesn’t know what to expect during the search, but she does know that she wants answers and to make sure her sister’s case isn’t forgotten.

” Our biggest fear right now is that this will be just another case where you hear about her and nobody has ever brought to justice and you don’t find anything,” Holbrook said. “And we do not want that to happen. We went to find her and if something terrible has happened to her then someone needs to be held responsible for it.”

The sheriff’s office says crews will look for Jill on Friday until they search the entire perimeter or until the sun goes down.

Detectives say they’ve already had several calls about the case. Anyone with information should contact the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office.

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