Search for Savannah Spurlock intensifies as rescue team's time grows short


    RICHMOND, Ky. (WDKY) – A Richmond mother, whose 23rd birthday passed by on Tuesday, has now been missing for more than a month.

    On Thursday, search crews got back out on the water to search for Savannah Spurlock.

    The Cajun Coast Search and Rescue team has been in town for 11 days, searching dozens of miles on foot.

    The team combed through the Kentucky River, planning to cover about 20 miles. The Richmond Police Department, a few local fire departments and volunteers are also actively searching.

    “We’re eliminating places, again, we know where she isn’t, we just don’t know where she is," says Cajun Coast Search and Rescue team member Toney Wade. "Every day we try to mark off another spot, you know, to narrow the search down. Eventually, we keep eliminating places we’ll find something, we’re praying to, anyway.”

    Up until Thursday, the Cajun Coast Search and Rescue team hasn’t said how long they will stay in town, but now say they have to leave next Tuesday. Crew members say they will continue to search for answers with the time they have remaining.

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