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A massive semi truck fire in Rockcastle County happened just before 5 p.m. at the intersection of Highway 150 and Highway 70 near Brodhead.

The Brodhead Fire Department says one person was trapped inside the truck, but a good Samaritan tells Fox 56 he pulled the truck driver from the vehicle. The witness says the truck driver is OK.

“They were yelling and screaming, trying to get something to pry the guy out because the trailer was on fire already,” Sam Hamilton said. “I mean the diesel was just blazing.”

Firefighters say the truck had diesel fuel in it that sparked the massive flames, but it’s unclear what caused the crash.

Hamilton says he ran to a nearby farm store to grab some fence posts because the driver’s leg was stuck. The posts helped pry the leg loose.

“The guy who crawled in the truck’s the hero,” Hamilton said. “That guy is amazing. He wasn’t leaving without him.”

Hamilton says even as the fire reached the point of no return, the good Samaritans refused to quit.

“To see him stay in there, and it was getting hotter, and everybody was yelling to get out because the tires were exploding, but the guy stayed in there the whole time,” Hamilton said. “He wasn’t leaving without him”

Hamilton says after helping, the man drove away.

“He left and we don’t even know his name,” Hamilton said. “I wish I could have shaken his hand and said ‘thank you’ myself but when he was done he just left.”

Traffic is shut down on U.S. 150 between KY 70 in Rockcastle County and US 27 in Lincoln County.

Transportation officials say U.S. 150 is unsafe to drive on in its current condition after the roadway was damaged from the fire. Officials say they will get to work to repair the road as soon as the gas vapors dissipate. Repairs once started are estimated to take 8-10 hours.