Sex abuse case against Lexington restaurant owner dismissed in court

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Photo: Lexington Community Corrections

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – A sexual abuse case against a Lexington restaurant owner was dismissed in court.

Police arrested Talley’s BBQ owner Willy Love Talley in June 2018 after he was accused of taking advantage of a 17-year-old employee. Talley is a registered sex offender following a 2002 conviction.

He was charged with being a sex offender who filmed or photographed a minor without consent.

A jury found him not guilty of that charge in court, and a judge dismissed his sex abuse charge.

A judge found the Lexington chef guilty of third-degree rape in 2002 for having sex with a 15-year-old, getting her pregnant and then paying for an abortion.

Talley’s attorney Philip Kimball sent this statement to FOX 56:

“He fully cooperated with law enforcement agencies and officers in their investigation of the charges against him,” Kimball said. “These charges against Chef Talley, other than his having kissed the alleged victim once, were the result of the alleged victim’s falsely attributing to Chef Talley certain conduct of her other acquaintances toward her of a sexual nature. The conduct was evidenced by the alleged victim’s massive electronic communications with her other acquaintances, for reasons known only to her. None of these communications incriminated Chef Talley.”

Talley’s business is located on Boardwalk and remained open.

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