Some Lexington COVID-19 testing sites seeing highest numbers in months


LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – COVID-19 cases continue to spike in Kentucky. In three days, the state has added more than 67,000 new cases.

That’s driving up testing numbers. At the Kroger Field testing site, some folks are waiting more than an hour for a COVID-19 test.

It is possible to schedule your COVID test just a couple of minutes before you get one at Kroger Field, but Dr. Luke Murray, the director of COVID testing for Wild Health, says it makes the process easier on everyone if you do it the day before.

Dr. Murray says last week was the third-largest amount of testing they’ve done during the pandemic. This week looks like it’s going to be larger.

“Maybe we were down to around a couple hundred about a month ago. And then I saw not too long ago we were in like 10 times that. A couple thousand,” Dr. Murray said.

He said one thing people can do to help is register for tests the day before, instead of doing it in the parking lot. It helps them in more ways than just staffing.

“The other thing it does in terms of us getting the appropriate amount of staff there, is it creates really, it creates long lines and people would get frustrated because they think ‘oh well these folks must not have an appointment. I made an appointment so you should turn away all the folks who don’t have an appointment,’” Dr. Murray said.

They are looking at expanding their testing options as need demands, Dr. Murray said. A spokesperson for UK said they will be moving that testing site from Kroger Field to College Way in the near future.

Dr. Murray said another thing that could help is scheduling your test at a time that isn’t one of their busiest. He said their peak times are during the morning before work, during the lunch hour, and then in the evening when people are getting off work.

Dr. Murray said they are also doing testing at schools, but that requires permission from parents.

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