LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — May marks National Better Hearing and Speech Month, a time to raise awareness about hearing and speech loss.

The Lexington Hearing and Speech Center sees those facing hearing and speech challenges and provides educational resources, classes, and devices if needed. They said one out of three adults 65 and older experience hearing loss, and by the age of 75, that jumps to one out of two adults.

One woman who teaches impacted children and is hard of hearing herself said hearing challenges made completing simple everyday tasks difficult before she received a hearing device. While the center’s executive director said it’s an issue even impacting young people.

“Right now there’s a higher risk factor for hearing loss for our kids who are using any kind of air pods or earbuds because we’re potentially not monitoring how loud the sound is that’s going in there. All ages need to understand how dangerous listening to loud music is or not wearing ear protection when we’re mowing the lawn, or going to a concert, things that can really impact your hearing from day to day,” said Marcey Ansley, Executive Director The Hearing and Speech Center.

“It’s just really the ease of listening and just being able to be in society and be included in conversations whereas if you’re not hearing it’s really hard and you just don’t feel like you’re included in a social situation,” said Jo Ellen Rule, a deaf and hard of hearing teacher.

Other factors like ear infections or impacted ear wax can contribute to hearing loss. Exams are the best way to detect hearing loss early. For more information or an online screening test visit Online Hearing Test | The Hearing & Speech Center (hscky.org)