Stanton police raising money to help child in need of brain surgery

A Stanton Police officer is trying to help fund medical expenses for a Powell County boy, who doctors say needs brain surgery.

STANTON, Ky. - A Stanton Police officer is trying to help fund a Powell County boy's medical expenses as doctors say he needs brain surgery.

The Stanton Police Department took Landon Shuler, 10, under its wing after his dad was killed in an accidental shooting. Shuler suffers from seizures, and now his family faces a costly surgery.

The first time officer Ian Morton met Landon Shuler in 2016, Shuler was already wearing a uniform.

"He was very upbeat, and you're thinking, you know most kids these days don’t want anything to do with police officers," Morton said.

The uniform was given to him by the Carter County Sheriff's Department after his father, Ricky Borders, died in 2016.

When Shuler came back in 2017, the department decided to give him an upgrade.

"The uniform he was wearing by year two was kind of tight on him, so I thought 'Let’s give him another uniform, through the department,'" Morton said.

Landon's mother, Jessica Shuler, says he loves police, wrestling, and his church. This was something that became apparent to volunteers with Shop with a Cop, which is how Shuler came in contact with officers.

"We asked Landon what he was looking for, and he wanted a suit for church and a coat. We basically had to make him go to the toy section after he got those things." Miranda King, an attorney who volunteered with the program said.

His mother says doctors are going to remove a part of the right side of his brain that was damaged by a stroke he had during open heart surgery when he was six-days-old. His upcoming trip to the hospital is far from his first.

"[We're] obviously very saddened," Morton says, "You just hate for somebody who keeps getting hit with this bad news to keep receiving bad news, so you want to uplift them and make them feel better," Morton says.

So they're hoping to relieve some of the family's worries by raising money for that hospital stay.

Their online campaign has raised more than $700, but they hope that number continues to rise.

Morton says officers are also looking to sell t-shirts in order to raise funds.

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