LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – If you’re flying out of The Bluegrass Airport soon, you’ll need to get to the airport earlier than usual.

The airport recently installed new scanners at TSA checkpoint, but due to technical issues, they are now undergoing maintenance, closing down two security lanes which potentially will create long lines.

Mark Howell, TSA Regional Spokesperson said, “We strongly recommend, in the interim, that passengers get to the airport for at least 2-3 hours before their scheduled departure time.”

While Howell is now 100% sure what is causing the technical issue, he said it may be caused by similar issues other airports have experienced.

“Going off what I’ve seen with some of the other ones, sometimes it’s items that fall into it or spill into the machine,” Howell said.

The new scanners resemble what is seen in hospitals, and they are called Computed Tomography or ‘CT’.

What’s new is that passengers have not needed to remove their electronics or liquids from their bags, and place them into separate bins.

TSA said that possibly what broke the scanners were carry-on items that were not secured.

“Sometimes loose items fall off of a bag or out of the bin, which would fall into the machine and require us to do additional maintenance,” Howell said.

So screeners are strongly recommending either packing all items into a bag or checking them.

“Passengers can really help us out, if they have the ability to check bags with their airlines to do so, less bags we have to screen at checkpoint, the quicker things are going to go in the interim of getting these machines back up,” Howell said.

And for those with pre-TSA check benefits, Howell said, “You will still get your pre-TSA check benefit you will be allowed to keep your shoes and light outerwear on, but you may have to do some additional standard screening on the regular one.”

For more information at the Bluegrass Airport, click here.