LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Anyone traveling near downtown Lexington can expect to see some changes in the traffic pattern on East Vine Street soon.

City officials said the patterns will change on East Vine Street following the completion of the Town Branch Commons Trail construction. Changes are being made to balance traffic flow between Quality Street and East Main Street.

East Vine Street traffic pattern change (Susan Straub)

The Town Branch Commons Trail will soon be completed along East Vine Street and will be followed by paving work, which will take place during evening hours.

Paving on Vine Street, between East Main Street and Quality Street will begin the week of May 16 and last two to three weeks. During that time, the right-hand lane of East Vine Street will remain closed in that area.

East Vine Street will continue to be three laned with the far right ending at Old Vine Street. After Old Vine Street, a third lane will be added on the left side of the road, heading outbound onto Midland Avenue.

Evaluation by an outsourced traffic engineer indicated that half of the traffic on East Vine Street was in the far right lane, which causes significant backups and lane shifts. The newly designed road will balance traffic across all three lanes and should reduce lane shift, increasing driver safety and lowering backup occurrences.