Transylvania University to require students, staff to get vaccinated


LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – Students and staff at Transylvania University now have just under two months to get vaccinated after the university announced it will be requiring the vaccine.

You can read more of the university’s Healthy at Transy guidelines by clicking here.

This comes after the Pfizer vaccine received full approval from the FDA.

Transylvania is the latest private school in the state to require it students get a COVID-19 vaccine. With the Pfizer vaccine becoming a fully approved vaccination by the FDA, officials now feel confident that requiring the vaccine will help keep students safe.

Students we spoke with Thursday told us the same.

“I think it will definitely help get rates, like COVID rates, a lot lower and I think it will just be overall better not just for our student body health, but like Lexington health and, hopefully, nationwide, we can get it lower,” said junior Grayson Bray.

Bray and fellow junior Malauri Edwards told us that, once FDA approval was given, they thought a requirement wasn’t too far away.

“Since FDA approved it I figured it was kind of coming,” said Edwards.

“I’ve heard of it being done in the past at other universities to eradicate other illnesses and, now that it’s FDA approved, I think it’s potentially a good thing,” Bray said. “I’m not entirely shocked, being a private university especially.”

Both Edwards and Bray tell us they are vaccinated, so the question becomes what about the students who aren’t?

Right now, about 30% of the student body isn’t fully vaccinated and only about 15% of the staff do not have their shots. Bray tells us she thinks this might help get some of the people who are waiting, off the fence.

“I think some of the people who are more resistant to it might still be hesitant, but I think the people who were on the fence, it will definitely push them to get vaccinated,” Bray said. “I know a majority of my friends and other students have been vaccinated and I know that a lot of kids are open to it still and they’ve just been waiting for a FDA approval.”

“It’s pretty split, but I think the majority are pretty open to it,” said Edwards.

Transylvania University officials say that they’ll be holding a vaccination clinic on campus this weekend for anyone 12 and up to get that Pfizer vaccine.

Students and staff have until October 13 to receive their shots.

Everyone must wear masks in public indoor spaces on campus, regardless of their vaccine status.

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