LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – In a public hearing Thursday, The Urban County Planning Commission took another look at the commercial and residential development of an up-and-coming Lexington intersection. Residents in the area also had the opportunity to voice their feedback at the end of the hearing.

Thursday’s Public Hearing proposed how Harrodsburg Rd. and its residents will work mutually towards commercial and residential developments. (Danielle Miskell)

Along Harrodsburg Road, The Palomar Hills community sits in the center of two commercial development properties. A shopping center owned by White Oak Commercial Real Estate’s, called The Fountains at Palomar, is located on the north side of the Palomar Hills, on Harrodsburg Road and Man O War Boulevard. The city plans to expand the shopping center, and a compromise of taking up the resident’s green space is looking to be reached.

At the top of the hearing, an application for a zone change request was submitted. It would allow areas along Harrodsburg Road, designated for agriculture, to rezone as separate commercial and residential zones.

The city’s objectives with the property are to expand on the current demand for housing; showcase local assets, develop a desirable community, and provide more accessible community facilities.

One main concern surrounding residents voiced was about the cut-through traffic through their neighborhoods. (Danielle Miskell)

One resident of the Palomar Hills, Jay Conne, said he felt that, with what the developers proposed Thursday, was working to protect the interests of their community.

“This is a good proposal for the use of the land,” Conne said.

However, one main concern for Palomar Hills has been with the increasing amount of traffic on Harrodsburg Rd.

“The major issue I see for us is cut-through traffic,” Conne said. “Trying to avoid the intersection of Harrodsburg Road, and Man O War Boulevard, we have a big problem with it now. It’s only going to get worse, and it comes with growth.”

One member of Lexington’s Planning Committee also flagged the intersection of Harrodsburg Road. and Old Higbee Mill Road., where a Chick-Fil-A restaurant is currently under construction. The member cautioned that heavy traffic would be a growing issue in the area.

While the residents are concerned that traffic will get even more out of control cutting through their neighborhoods, the developers still discussed ways to maximize connectivity throughout the area.

During the commentary section, residents of Palomar Hills voiced their favor towards the addition of 23 single-family homes, however, they opposed the recently introduced proposal for apartment complexes. The residents ideally want to avoid high density in their area.

During his presentation, the attorney for both The Greer Companies and The Webb Companies, Bruce Simpson, said he was optimistic that the developers and residents would find mutual ground.

“That’s because it’s a pretty cool development for the people that will live there and for the people that will shop there,” Simpson said. “And it’s exactly what the comprehensive plan encourages.”

Attorney Bruce Simpson discusses how the Palomar Hills green space plans to be maximized. (Danielle Miskell)

Residents, including Conne, were also pleased with the proposed plan for the green space within the neighborhood and the coming tree and hydrangeas installations. “I just want the city planners to get out of the way and let the owners progress with what they intend,” Conne said.