UberEATS launches in Lexington on Thursday

UberEATS will deliver food from a number of Lexington restaurants.

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Pizza is no longer one of your only options the next time you want to have food delivered. UberEATS launches in Lexington on Thursday, October 12.

UberEATS will deliver food from a number of restaurants including Lexington Diner, Salsarita's Fresh Cantina, Sir Pizza, The Simple Greek, Stella's Diner, and Panchitos Ice Cream.

To use UberEATS you need an app on your iPhone or smartphone. Here's how it works, according to a press release from UberEATS.

1. Download the free standalone UberEATS app for iOS or Android

2. Login with your Uber account

3. Find a restaurant you know and love, and pick what you want from their menu

4. Pay with your card on file

5. Watch as the order is picked up and delivered to you.

UberEATS is offering $5 off your first two orders with the promo code KYEATS. The service is also launching in Louisville.

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