LEXINGTON, Ky (FOX 56) — Mixed reaction continues since Monday’s announcement that Elon Musk has reached a deal to buy Twitter and take it private.

The billion-dollar deal would put Twitter under control of one of the worlds richest and most influential people. In a statement Monday, Musk emphasized the importance of free speech and said he looks forward to unlocking all of Twitter’s potential including a possible edit button.

A social media expert at the University of Kentucky said while there could be benefits for some, there could also be some changes on the horizon that may prove to be a concern for others.

“I know that there are people who are fearful that changes in the algorithm can amplify different political points of views that they may not want to hear. People are concerned whether former President Trump who was removed from Twitter will be allowed back, so it’s pretty much this major communication platform for many groups, industries, including the news industry, that is now going to be in the private hands of Elon Musk to do whatever he would like to do with it,” said Kakie Urch, social media expert, associate professor in the UK College of Communication and Information.

Experts also said downloads of alternative social media platforms have increased since the announcement.

If all goes to plan Elon Musk won’t own the platform for another few months.