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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WDKY) – For members of the BBN, there’s one team and one team only that matters: the Kentucky Wildcats. At UK’s open practice on Wednesday, we saw fans both young and old.

“Once a Kentucky Wildcat, always a Kentucky Wildcat.”

Despite living in Jacksonville, Florida for the last 40 years, Larry Bold still bleeds blue, and so does his grandson. Even the pets in this family are Kentucky fans.

Like Larry, Evan Wheeler lives in Florida now. But he still cheers for the team he grew up with, which isn’t always easy.

“My wife is the biggest Gator fan. Her whole family is Florida alone so it took a little while for me to come around at least have a little hatred for Florida when I moved here, but I’ve been here long enough now that I can give them credit when they deserve it, but it’s always about the big blue for me,” Wheeler said.

Wheeler’s wife is actually expecting. She’s due any day now. There’s no doubt he will be loved, but there’s no getting around it, he will be growing up in a divided home.

“His little blanket that we have for him is half Kentucky, half Florida, so it’s super,” Wheeler said.