LEXINGTON Ky. (FOX 56) — Before graduating, this University of Kentucky student wanted to share her love of reading with the community, and she did just that.

Carly Jessup is a May 2022 library science master’s graduate is the University of Kentucky. She successfully brought what is known as a “Free Little Library” to provide for students and families.

The free little library is set up at the playground between the Shawneetown and Greg Page apartments on Alumni Drive. Anyone can stop by to pick up or put in books. There’s also a guest book included in the box.

Jessup said she wanted to get this up for a number of reasons. One is that she saw it as an opportunity to help students and families improve their literacy. Another reason was to have visitors build relationships with each other.

“I think it helps introduce some of those kids or those people that maybe wouldn’t normally seek out a library on their own time. It’s kind of a convenience thing, and then they get here and they’re like ‘oh, this actually looks like something I’d be interested in,” Jessup said.  

Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization based in Hudson Wisconsin. Jessup was one of 16 ‘Impact Library’ recipients in the nation, which led her to set up this resource In Lexington. She says she’s thankful to her university for giving her the drive to do it.

“I’m super grateful for the time I’ve had here at UK. They’ve been very encouraging to me to succeed and to go for things. I did this project as part of a class in my library science program, and I was super thankful that they were flexible and willing to let me take on a project that was unique and non-traditional,” Jessup said.

To donate to the mission of Little Free Library, follow this link.