UK pleased with Kroger Field vaccine clinic so far


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – The University of Kentucky has already administered more than 20,000 vaccines in the past month. Just this week, several thousand people were vaccinated at the Kroger Field clinic.

The university says so far the plan has gone smoothly, but they’re learning along the way and facing some challenges. Spokesperson Jay Blanton says some people have showed up, hoping to use others’ ID codes.

He says none of those people were actually vaccinated, but it does slow down the process, so he’s asking people to not share their codes.

Blanton says they’ll be adjusting the process moving forward, along with some other tweaks, but overall they’re pleased with how it’s gone so far especially because this is a massive project that’s never been done before.

“I think this shows what a university like Kentucky brings to the table. We’ve got space, we’ve got facilities, we’ve got logistical know-how, and infrastructure to do something like this. It’s really what we were created to do more than 155 years ago. They didn’t think about a pandemic then, but it’s the kind of service that we’re supposed to provide to our state. So fortunately we’re in a position to do that,” Blanton said.

Right now, UK is focused on groups 1A and 1B. They’ll move forward to new phases based on the state’s guidance.

You can request a vaccine online here.

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