UK says study with students showed two-week COVID-19 quarantine might not be necessary


A new study at UK shows a 14-day quarantine might not be necessary after a COVID-19 exposure. (WDKY)

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – While the CDC’s COVID-19 recommendations have changed throughout the year, UK researchers learned this semester that a two-week quarantine might not be necessary.

Instead, they believe seven days of quarantine is enough.

UK officials say 90 students who were exposed to COVID-19 took part in the study. They were tested frequently throughout the two weeks. Researchers found that all of the positive cases were detected in the first seven days.

Professor of pharmacy and medicine Jill Kolesar says the goal was to decrease the days in quarantine. She says not only will this study get students back into the classroom sooner, but a shorter quarantine could also improve mental health for everyone.

“If you’re used to socially interacting and engaging with people and going to work and doing just basically living your life, and you go from that to just staying in one room by yourself with people bringing you meals, you feel very isolated,” Kolesar said. “It’s very difficult to do. And this has been associated with mental health issues, both depression and anxiety. In college students and other people as well.”

In a statement, University President Eli Capilouto said this research will provide important information for UK’s COVID-19 guidelines for the spring semester.

UK students are scheduled to be back in classes on January 25.

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