LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Security measures are about to get tighter in residence halls at the University of Kentucky. This is after burglaries a string of burglaries occurred after winter break.

The University is investigating a rash of thefts in residence halls while students were home over the holidays.

“We realized that this gentleman from what we can tell was accessing hundreds of rooms which is very unusual activity so that is what led us to conclusion that this was inappropriate,” said Blanton.

UK police arrested 28-year-old Kristian Lowe, the person they suspect was behind the burglaries.

Spokesperson Jay Blanton said Lowe was a contract worker which allowed him access to residence halls.

“Apparently he went to another employee and used to get their card, that person is no longer with housing either,” said Blanton.

UK said he had access to nearly 900 rooms. So far, they have fewer than one hundred claims of actual theft.

Blanton said they are reviewing processes and procedures to reduce future occurrences of theft in the dorm rooms.

“With respect to who can enter a room or not, second, I think we are looking at the feasibly of could we require multiple staff members to staff members to be present before a students room is entered,” said Blanton.

Blanton said UK students are their top priority as well as their safety.

“This was inexcusable on our judgment that this happened, we are going to make it right, we are making it right, and we are trying to do so quickly. I would also say in part that it is also the technology that is in place in these residence halls separately than what we had a few years ago,” said Blanton.