Unemployment rally also hosts food drive to support struggling families

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Constitutional Kentucky hosted the food drive at the Capitol to help struggling families.

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While many Kentuckians are still struggling with the state’s unemployment system, others are doing what they can to help out in the meantime by holding a food drive.

A group called Constitutional Kentucky called people together at the Capitol on Saturday. Tony Wheatley said they weren’t there to knock down Governor Beshear’s door. Instead, they’re trying to send a message through actions by taking matters into their own hands.

Tara Brandau helped gather food and school supply donations. “If everybody who is more fortunate could help these unfortunate people out, it would help get Kentucky back on their feet,” she said.

Dozens of people came together to rally for those who are unemployed.

People like Wheatley say they’re tired of seeing their neighbors struggle with unemployment, as some haven’t seen a paycheck since the pandemic began. He says something as simple as a meal can help.

“Our goal is simply to get the help out to people who need it,” he explained.

He also wants the governor to see who’s being affected by the state’s struggling unemployment system: the people who drove by in need of food.

“I hope that the people will realize when you look at a number on the unemployment list, it’s a number. But behind that number is a face. And that face has family, it has kids. And you can’t replace them,” Wheatley said.

He also said the food and school supplies that weren’t given out at the Capitol will be saved and personally distributed to people who are struggling with unemployment.

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