Vintage bourbon store opens in Lexington


The opening of a vintage bourbon store in downtown Lexington saw a big crowd.

Justin's House of Bourbon specializes in vintage bourbon and bourbon memorabilia.

"I think a lot of folks are coming out to see some bottles they’ve never seen before, perhaps hadn’t seen in 30 or 40 years," said co-owner Justin Thompson.

The owners hope the store will become a destination for bourbon enthusiasts.

On January 1st a new law went into effect in Kentucky, allowing liquor stores to sell "vintage spirits"

They offered two special bourbons today, but if you've got the money, anything on display is also for sale.

"Unlike a museum, if there’s something you really like there’s an opportunity to take it home with you," Thompson said.

The store will be open Tuesday through Saturday from 10a.m. to 7p.m., but will also open by appointment.

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