Kentucky officials expect long, busy election day

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Early voting has gone very well in Lincoln County, according to the county clerk, with the longest wait times being about 10 minutes.(WDKY)

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDKY) – On the eve of election night, final preparations are well underway. But it’s not finished yet, as more Kentuckians will hit the polls tomorrow.

More than 1.5 million people in the bluegrass took advantage either absentee or early in-person voting. That’s 42.2 percent of all registered voters in Kentucky. For comparison, 1,955,195 people voted in the 2016 Presidential election in Kentucky, and voter turnout that year was 59.1 percent.

“We’ve done this already. We had a very similar version of Election Day in June, we worked out a lot of the kinks. I think we are going to have an even better experience in November then we had in June,” Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams said.

Though the Secretary of State says we’re just half a million votes away from beating Kentucky’s vote totals in 2016, the day before Election Day, it’s still not his biggest win if you ask him. That is centered around politics.

“We depoliticized this. The things you are seeing other states fight over like drop boxes, they have not been controversial here. They have been accepted by Republicans and Democrats. So the big thing we got right here was to take the politics out of the election and let the candidates be in politics but keep the administrators out of it,” Sec. Adams said.

The Secretary of State says he understands many Kentuckians will have new expectations when they head to the polls but says he too would like to see some changes to Kentucky elections in the future.

“The model we have had for 200 years is that everyone has to vote on one day in a 12-hour span. That was great for an agrarian model in the 1800s but it has not kept up with modern reality. I think making it easier to vote means you get more votes for everybody,” Sec. Adams said.

Sec. Adams says tomorrow will be a busy day but he’s asking for patience, hoping Kentuckians will get results in a timely manner.

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