WATCH: Lexington woman’s car stolen after gas station attack


LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – A Lexington woman was violently assaulted while trying to pay for gas just before noon Friday.

FOX 56 has the video of the shocking scene as her attacker grabbed her, shoved her to the ground, took her keys and drove off with her car.

Friday morning, Cierra Leavell had a break at work.

“I do lashes and I was in between clients. I rode to the Speedway to get gas and come back to a client, and that happens,” Leavell said.

At 11:30 a.m., Cierra was attacked inside the Speedway on Southland Drive. In the unsettling video, you can see the violent scene play out exactly how Cierra described it.

“He came in the line and was right behind me. As I get my change back, he tries to grab the money from my hand. I tell him no, but at the same time he grabs me from the back. We’re tussling and he ends up grabbing my keys and ran out of the store and drove off with my car.”

Cierra just purchased her grey Hyundai Tucson in May. The license plate is BTF-387.

“It could have gone anyway. He could have had anything on him to hurt me. I’m just glad it went the way it did and I’m okay.”

The thief stole her car and maybe even worse, her peace of mind, but Cierra has a message for other women also simply trying to run errands in broad daylight alone.

“Be careful of your surroundings. I do believe he had to have targeted me because he came in as soon as I got in the store. Ladies carry mace, carry a gun, whatever you need to protect yourself because it’s not safe out here.”

Lexington Police are searching for the grey Hyundai Tucson and the man who stole it.

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