Website set up to chronicle contributions of African-Americans in the horse industry


A website has been set up to chronicle the contributions of African-Americans in the horse industry.(WDKY)

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – A website has been set up to chronicle the contributions of African-Americans in the horse industry.

The International Museum of the Horse at the Kentucky Horse Park holds a lot of stories from African-Americans. Some of those stories have been hidden over the years and now they’re being told.

So, the horse park decided to loosen the reigns, if you will, and expand some of these unknown stories online.

“Welcome to the chronicles of African-Americans in the Horse Industry. The mission of this website is the document and archive the history of African-Americans in the horse industry expanding hours of the people places and events,” said Amy Beisel, Kentucky Horse Park museum director.

Beisel says documenting these stories is not just a Kentucky thing.

“The involvement in the horse industry has primarily lied in the descendants and the family members of those involved and, so, we are talking to people across the United States right now,” said Beisel.

The site has a number of avenues you can take to explore the past, but the present is making history in the industry today.

Greg Harbut is part owner of Kentucky Derby participant Necker Island.

Harbut also runs his own bloodstock agency. Looking through the website, Harbut can see some of his own bloodlines in the horse world.

“To see my great uncle my great-grandfather as well as my grandfather on the website brings me a great deal of pride and to be associated with it, not only my fellow family members, but the horsemen have come before me I’m just very humbled and honored,” Harbut said.

Harbut’s own claim to horse fame will also soon be on the site. His story will be one of the hundreds of stories right under our noses that may have been hidden all this time.

“You can travel across the United States, in just the horse industry alone, and, everywhere there’s horses, there’s Black people’s involvement and African-Americans involvement,” Harbut said.

Click here if you’d like to contribute a story to the Chronicle of African-Americans in the Horse Industry website.

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