‘We’re happy’: Prominent Lexington couple celebrates 75 years of marriage


LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Bobby and Ella Ritchey Flynn were married on Aug. 3, 1946. They celebrated their milestone wedding anniversary with friends and family at Sayre Christian Village Sunday.

Bobby Flynn served as a Kentucky state senator and was a city councilman for a number of years. Both he and Ella did volunteer work for most of their adult lives.

The couple grew up as neighbors in Lexington.

“She lived next door to me, and I was over there helping her out, cutting her grass,” Bobby Flynn said. “One thing led to another.”

Both attended Lafayette Senior High School.

“He was a basketball players at Lafayette, she was a cheerleader, so it was kind of natural,” the Flynns’ son, Doug said. “They probably hung in the same circles.”

Bobby Flynn joined the military. When he returned home, the couple was married at 19 years old.

We asked the Flynns what their secret is to marriage.

“Don’t bother her, she don’t bother me, I do what I do, and she does what she does and then we’re happy,” Bobby Flynn said.

Ella Flynn recalled attending her husband’s baseball games. He played with the Lexington Hustlers.

“The Hustler players took care of me,” she said.

“She always did enjoy me playing ball and always went with me,” Bobby Flynn said.

Doug said his parents worked hard at their marriage and worked hard for their family. The couple had three children.

“They’re two peas in a pod is what they are,” Doug said. “When you see them, they have the same sense of humor, they have the same grit and determination when they do things.”

Doug Flynn said the couple had ups and downs in their marriage, like any other relationship. He said he looks up to them.

“It takes a little work at it and believe me, it hasn’t been perfect, but you have to work at it and I’m so proud they’re together and they gave us a great example to follow,” he said.

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