LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Lexington has a taco for every need and style. Tacos are a favorite among many people, and Lexington is no different. If you want authentic, quick, fancy, flour, or corn, Lexington has a taco place for you.

FOX 56 looked at restaurants across Google Reviews, Yelp, and Facebook to find some of Lexington’s most succulent and crave-worthy tacos.

It’s the tortillas for me:

Tortilleria Y Taqueria Ramirez

According to Google reviews, Tortilleria Y Taqueria Ramirez comes in at 4.6 stars with a total of 901 reviews.

Functioning as a tortilla factory, you know Tortilleria Y Taqueria Ramirez on 1429 Alexandria Drive will have fresh and homemade corn tortillas. Tortilleria Y Taqueria Ramirez has a large selection of meats on their menu with classics like carne asada (steak), al pastor (pork), and harder-to-find meats like lingua (tongue) or tripa (intestines).

Tacos and antojitos

La Taquiza Taqueria

According to Google reviews, La Taquiza Taqueria comes in at 4.5 stars with a total of 399 reviews.

Between the great salsa bar that will fit and spice level and the appetizers, you will be happy with picking La Taquiza. The quesabirrias are a hard find in Lexington, and this is one of the places you can get a tasty barbacoa taco with consomé (soup).

La Taquiza also participated in the 2022 Lexington Crave Taco Week.

Date night tacos:

Corto Lima

Yelp lists Corto Lima as 4.5 stars with 390 reviews, many long-winded and vibrant.

The plates at Corto Lima are a bit smaller than the other places on this list, but the flavors don’t disappoint. The seasonal menu usually includes gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options if you are looking to play it safe on options.

The cocktail menu can keep the night rolling, and the lively atmosphere will keep things light.

Taco trucks:

Many taco trucks in Lexington have limited or no reviews online, but FOX 56 has added two options around the city to try.

El Buen Taco

Great things come from good trucks. El Buen Taco on 1445 Village Drive Lexington Manor might be lacking in reviews, but the car-side service is a nice plus if you are in a hurry or want to take your tacos somewhere else like a park.

El Puerquito

If you don’t find yourself near Lexington Manor, you can try El Puerquito. Located in the parking lot of the BP on 2221 Richmond Road, you can order your tacos at El Puerquito and fill up your vehicle while you wait for your fresh-made tacos.


Agave and Rye

With two locations in Lexington, Agave and Rye is accessible and according to Google reviews, come in at 4.7 stars with 812 reviews.

Lexington isn’t the only home for Agave and Rye with locations in Louisville and Covington. But Agave and Rye takes an open approach to the art of crafting a taco. Lobster, mac and cheese, or fried chicken can all make a taco here, and while it might not taste like what you would call a taco, it won’t disappoint, according to the reviews.

Agave and Rye also participated in the 2022 Lexington Crave Taco Week