‘Who would take costumes?’ Halloween ensembles stolen from Lexington organization


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY/WKYT) – Caring Costumes, a Lexington organization dedicated to donating Halloween costumes to those in need, was burglarized.

Shortly after their costume fair at William Wells Brown Community Center, co-founder Kathy Phillips said boxes and boxes of costumes were stolen.

“We load them up in our car, we take them to the costume fair, the children come through and pick out their costume, and then we have a lot of leftover costumes that we just store and put away for next year,” she said.

Phillips said a caravan of cars full of costumes went back to her house following the fair. It’s where she and Robin Anderson, also a co-founder, store everything.

“Several boxes made it to the basement, but several boxes we just left in the garage,” Phillips said.

She said she realized something was wrong while working on a costume request.

“I was looking for a specific size, couldn’t find it, and I was like, ‘Where are the new costumes?’”

She said she walked out to her garage and the spot where boxes upon boxes full of new costumes sat was empty.

Phillips said someone broke in. She said those accessories and outfits could’ve gone to homes who needed them.

“I hope someone’s wearing those costumes tonight, to be quite honest,” she said.

The moms behind Caring Costumes said they’re not letting the burglar steal their Halloween spirit.

“People are going back out there and talking to their friends and collecting more costumes, so we’re trying to restock, get our costume boxes full again,” Phillips said.

They’re taking a sour trick and turning it around to be a sweet treat for someone else.

Phillips encourages everyone to consider donating their costumes after they’ve worn them. Caring Costumes is also requesting donations from stores with leftover inventory.

The pair will pick up, clean, care for and give away the outfits to children who really need them.

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