WINCHESTER, Ky. (FOX 56) – One year ago, a popular Clark County business was washed out by a flood, but earlier this week the doors reopened and Hall’s on the River in Winchester is back in business.

On March 3, 2021, floodwaters reached levels higher than the pillars outside of the building. The restaurant saw several feet of water that sat inside of the business for 7 days. The structural damage caused by the stagnant waters forced the restaurant to close its doors.

Karl Crase, the owner, described that day. He said, “It just spiked like we never saw it before. You’re talking raising 12 feet in 8 hours or something crazy like that. We’ve just never seen anything like that since we’ve been here. There’s been one flood higher recorded in the river’s history and that was in 1978. It was a foot or two taller than what we got.”

Crase has been working since the restaurant’s closure awaiting its reopening. He continued, “The wall coverings had to come off, a lot of the flooring had to come up. We had to basically redo the entire restaurant. Majority of the work was in the kitchen. It was a ton of work that we had to do there.”


Crase said the renovation project is not finished, but enough work has been done that Hall’s on the River can welcome guests once again.