Winter storm damages Lexington batting cages

Photo: Kristen Kennedy/Twitter

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) - A Lexington nonprofit is looking for ways to repair batting cages damaged in Monday's winter storm.

The heavy snow caused the batting cage to collapse, as the nets and metal poles could not handle the inches that fell.

Northern Cal Ripken Baseball's season starts at Kenawood Park in weeks, but now the children looking for some practice swings can no longer use the batting cages.

Organizers are afraid they cannot afford the repairs to get the cages operational.

"We're talking with everyone that we can and reaching out to all resources," Northern Cal Ripken Baseball president Andria Jackson says, "The city is very helpful in helping us make sure that the park is maintained and safe, but we don't have enough resources for it to be fully repaired."

The group's next step is trying to figure out how much repairs will cost, and organizers are exploring fundraising opportunities.

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