With news of vaccine, Lexington health officials warn against complacency as cases rise


Fayette County set a new record on Saturday with 236 covid cases. (WDKY)

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – As COVID-19 numbers continue to spike in Lexington, the health department says news of a vaccine shouldn’t cause people to get complacent. Especially, since it’s a long way from getting to the general public.

                     Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine is looking 90% effective

Fayette County saw one death and 338 new COVID cases over the weekend. Saturday set a record with 236 cases.

Unlike earlier in the pandemic, when nursing homes and people returning from hot spots were primary factors, a health department spokesperson tells me there’s not a single cause.

They are still seeing a decent percentage from college students, but also from gatherings where people didn’t wear masks and were in close contact with each other.

They told us while news of a vaccine is good, that doesn’t mean people should stop taking the precautions they’ve been urging for months.

They also want people to know that the vaccine will be given to first responders and those in the medical field, before the general public.

“A vaccine that is widely available is still weeks and months away. We need people to follow the guidelines until that vaccine can get to as many people as possible,” said Kevin Hall, LFCHD spokesperson.

Hall told us they think some of the recent increase in cases is from Halloween when people had parties despite the warnings. They are concerned Thanksgiving and Christmas get-togethers could also see an increase in numbers.

Three of Lexington’s highest single-day case counts have been in November.

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