VERSAILLES, Ky. (FOX 56) — Flood relief donations are popping up everywhere, and the Woodford County community is joining in.

All this week, several spots will be taking flood relief donation items. The biggest needs right now are cleaning supplies, plastic totes, drinking water, and hygiene items.

Woodford County High school is one example of a collection spot. Calling your Woodford County officials will give you info on other spots taking items as well.

“It put a lot of pride in my heart to see Woodford County executives, especially the judge reach out and say, let’s try to get this done like we did for Western Kentucky. Eastern Kentucky will always be home to me. There are a lot of folks with deep roots in Woodford County that have those roots in Eastern Kentucky,” said Woodford County Schools Superintendent Danny Adkins.

“When we consider how much we love our home and our community thinking about something so tragic, putting ourselves in the shoes of people of Eastern Kentucky or back in Western Kentucky with the tornadoes. When we consider what that would mean for us, our hearts just go out for them,” added Woodford County Schools Information and Communications Officer Elaine Bailey.

The goal is to send buses filled with supplies at the end of the week. Drop-offs will be taken at Woodford County High School through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.