Midway rallies behind fire captain battling cancer


The town of Midway rallied behind one of their firefighters.

Captain Allen Vann was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. His co-workers and friends have been working to raise money to help pay for his treatment.

Captain Allen Vann said his worst day came a few months ago.

“A week or so before I got married, I started forgetting things, I was forgetting people’s names, I was forgetting where I was sometimes…and I was also forgetting how to spell things,” said Vann. “My wife, after we got married, said that I was even worse when we went on our honeymoon in Mexico.”

He assumed it was the stress of getting married, buying a house, maybe even a lasting COVID-19 side effect. Vann says his symptoms were at their worst during his honeymoon, and shortly after getting back home, he went to the Emergency Room.

“That’s when they found the tumor. Next thing you know, I’m at UK having brain surgery done,” said Vann.

His friends wasted no time helping him out.

“I knew that there was going to be a cost associated with that, so just as soon as we found out I started planning,” said Bobby King, a friend of Vann.

King jotted his ideas down on a placemat, and Saturday they became reality.

They held a barbecue competition, with a belt all the way from Canada for the winner.

“It’s been very great showing how many people are out here to help me,” said Vann.

Vann has more treatments in his future, but he says it’s working so far.

“I will have to do some more chemotherapy five days every month for the next six months to a year to make sure that there’s no stray cells.”

But after a three-month leave, he had the opportunity to be reunited with his team of volunteers.

Once Captain Vann’s financial needs are taken care of, King says they will create a trust in his name. He says that money will help support any fire victims who are displaced or any other central Kentucky firefighters who are diagnosed with cancer.

Donations to Captain Allen Vann’s cancer treatment can be made here.

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