Reve Body Sculpting

Reve Body Sculpting offers all natural weight loss and body sculpting treatments, with an average client losing 25 lbs and 15 inches in just 40 days!

Question 2: = How do the LED body sculpting lights work?

Reve offers a new LED body sculpting treatment that uses LED light paddles that you can put on any targeted area, the light goes into the cell and makes the fat liquid. Once the fat is liquid it's processed out of your body by your own natural detox system, it helps with inch loss, skin tightening and cellulite!

Reve Body Sculpting has put together a special New Years resolution package that includes the light therapy session and all natural weight loss package. Call in and mention Fox 56 Morning Edition and you will receive 25% off!

To learn more you can visit, or call 859-219-0626.

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