Facebook murder victim's relative: 'He was a good guy, would do anything for you'

Robert Godwin Sr. with his daughter Debbie. (Debbie Godwin/MGN)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) - Cleveland Police continue to search for a suspected killer, accused of gunning down a grandfather and then posting the horrific crime on Facebook.

"He was a good guy, would do anything for you," said Trisha Small as she remembered Robert Godwin Sr., 74, who was randomly shot to death while searching for cans in East Cleveland.

For 17 years, Small's daughter and Godwin shared a life together and had two young sons.

“He was a good guy. The best thing that happened to my daughter," said Small.

A nationwide manhunt is now underway for Steve Stephens, 37, who police say recorded himself shooting Godwin in the face, and then moments later posted the video on his Facebook page.

“I am sorry I looked at it. That's all I can say," said Small. "Why would he do that to a good man?"

Facebook said the video was removed and Stephens' page was taken down within hours after the video appeared.

Ardella Driscoll was across the street in her home preparing Easter dinner when she heard a gunshot.

"I seen a man lying over with blood," she said.

Driscoll then called 911 after watching Stephens get into a white Ford Fusion and casually drive away.

"Oh, he was calm, like nothing happened. He was, like, clicking on his phone, no tear drops or anything," said Driscoll.

Cleveland Police are working with the FBI to find Stephens, who is believed to be armed and dangerous. A $50,000 reward is now being offered to bring Stephens to justice.

Highway signs and billboards have been posted for the public to contact authorities if they spot the wanted suspect.

As police search for the suspected "Facebook killer," Small searches for words to help her grieving grandchildren.

"How do you explain this to two little kids? They [saw] their daddy under a sheet. What can you say to them?" she asked.

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