Olympic weightlifting meet helps athletes advance while helping build up community

Olympic Weightlifting meet helps athletes advance while helping build up community. (NTVNews)

A North Platte gym's local competition raises the bar for weightlifters to showcase their strength, while helping others build up their community.

North Platte's Enzo Athletics hosted its first Olympic weightlifting competition, in hopes of sending six qualifiers to both Youth and Junior nationals later this year. Competitors in both men and women divisions faced off in two lifts - the snatch, and clean and jerk.

The gym's owner, Jason Jensen, is also "Mr. Fitness" for Habitat for Humanity. He says adding the fundraiser was a good fit.

"No matter what whether it's the people who come to us to our gym or whether it's helping those people for Habitat for Humanity," said Enzo Athletics owner Jeremy Jensen. "Its not always about us, there's always a bigger reason and a bigger cause so I'm glad I can help these kids and we can also help Habitat for Humanity."

"I think it gives you more adrenaline giving this money away, all of it," said competitor Crystal Vigil. "And being able to help people who don't have homes and who need a place to live, I mean, that's the real goal today and I think that they succeeded, it was awesome."

Funds raised from Saturday's meet will help both Habitat for Humanity and the American Heart Association. Enzo Athletics also plans to make this an annual event.

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