Walmart responds to viral video of store throwing out carts of food after tornado

FILE - A Walmart storefront. (Mike Mozart/CC BY 2.0)

CELINA, Ohio (WSET) - Walmart says a slightly misleading Facebook video from Celina, Ohio, has gone viral, causing some backlash toward the store.

On Nov. 5, the National Weather Service confirmed that two EF-2 tornadoes had hit Mercer County, Ohio, including the town of Celina.

The next day, a man named Gary Joe Ahrns posted a Facebook Live from the Walmart in Celina showing several carts full of food being thrown away. In the video, he questions the manager about whether he can take some of the food.

The video has now been shared more than 150,000 times.

After the video, Walmarts around the country got calls and complaints, including Salina, Kansas, and stores in Colorado and Virginia.

The food giant responded on its official Facebook account and the Celina account stating that due to the tornado, the food being disposed of was unsafe for consumption.

"The food being disposed of was unsafe for consumption after the store lost power for 14 hours," the statement read. "Per internal and health department policies, we followed proper procedures by disposing of the food."

The store was closed while power was being restored.

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