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SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WDKY) – While many florists across the nation have seen shortages in flowers, local growers here in Kentucky have actually been seeing an increase in business as many people find new ways to get those flowers just in time for Mother’s Day.

According to Carly Reed, owner of In Bloom Flower Farm in Scott County, many florists nationally have been dealing with flower shortages due to supply not coming in from overseas and prices being driven up. For local growers, the shortages have only been in finding some specific seeds along with eucalyptus plants that would have normally been grown in January.

But because local growers haven’t seen as big of an impact, Reed says her flower farm, along with others around the area, have been growing during this flower shortage for florists, and this new growth has changed flower farms from not only providing for businesses but individuals as well.

“Lots of people will come to us that we never had customers with before and it’s a lot of retail so if a grower mostly sold to florists before, now they’re suddenly getting a lot of retail customers that they didn’t have,” Reed said.

Reed also says it’s been nice to see several other local businesses supporting local growers during this pandemic when many of them have been going through hard times.

And if you would like to find local growers in your area, the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers have made it easier with a website at