Snake slithers out of South Carolina man's AC vent

(Photo courtesy of Chris Karam)

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSET) -- Remember the story of the snake slithering out of a Virginia woman's AC vent earlier this week?

Well, apparently it's a thing.

The same thing happened to a man in Greenville, South Carolina.

Chris Karam said he thinks the snake got in his car the weekend before he popped out on May 15 after he parked under a tree in front of his house with the windows down.

When he spotted the snake, he stopped the car and helped the snake out.

Karam said he caught it to show his nephews, but let it go after they got a good look at him.

Officials say it's possible heavy rains lead snakes to look for dry spots to seek refuge, like a nice warm car.

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