LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Kentucky’s 2022 primary election did not bring many voters out to the polls. The secretary of state’s office said statewide – the unofficial turnout sits at just 19% of voters. However, history was made in a few key races.

Former Councilwoman Angela Evans has unseated longtime Fayette County Attorney Larry Roberts. Because no Republicans were in the race, and only 2 candidates on the ballot, Tuesday’s primary decided the outright winner.

“It feels good, I think it’s sunk in now,” Evans told FOX 56 Wednesday. Evans’ campaign delivered stunning results, by the end of the night Evans had garnered 70% of the vote against the sitting incumbent. Roberts had been in office since 2006.

“I knew it could be done, I knew I had the name recognition people talked about that and I knew I had made connections just from my time on city council, so I think I had more faith than a lot of other people did,” Evans said.

Evans explained that although she respected her opponent, she felt times had changed and that Roberts had not changed with the times enough. She said she will be a leader people see a lot more.

“I will be a communicator, you know, there will be information on the website and I will be out in neighborhoods at meetings to share – just to listen really. That will be the biggest change,” she said.


Evans’ election also represents a historic milestone, as she becomes the first black person elected to the office. She said representation matters.

“People want to know there are people in office that look like them that have similar experiences,” she said.

Evans has no challenger to take on in November, which gives her some time before being sworn in next January. Evans said she will be putting together a transition team and still advocate for other candidates on the ballot