Kentucky’s Search Warrant Task Force meets again in Frankfort


FRANKFORT, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – Kentucky’s Search Warrant Task Force met again Monday in Frankfort.

The group was put together by Attorney General Daniel Cameron after the death of Breonna Taylor to review the state’s search warrant policies.

Taylor was shot and killed by Louisville police when they were serving a warrant at her apartment.

Attorney General Cameron has said he hopes the task force meetings would lead to recommendations they would make to lawmakers and the courts. It is part of the top to bottom review of the search warrant process he said was necessary after the death of Taylor.

The task force is split into three different committees, one focusing on securing, one on reviewing and one on serving search warrants.

Monday, they discussed steps such as an online portal so the Public can know their rights if they have their home searched.

They also talked about concerns over threat assessment and the roles prosecutors play when It comes to warrants being written. One judge said, no matter who wrote the warrant, a judge would still have the final say on if it could be executed.

Another issue brought up was the different criteria being used by different departments when it comes the threat assessments.

They didn’t vote on recommendations Monday. They plan on doing that at their next meeting which is December 9.

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