LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — As expected, voter turnout was fairly light across the state, and poll workers we spoke with wished for a better turnout.

Rynetta Davis has worked at the polls for a decade. On Tuesday, she was stationed at Frederick Douglas High School.

“I haven’t stopped because I think it’s important the process flows smoothly,” she said. “Voting matters.”

This was the first major statewide election with the new early election laws, so many Kentuckians have already cast their ballots before election day. Frederick Douglas was one of 133 polling places in Fayette County.

Despite easy access to voting, not many people rushed to the polls.

“I think people think ‘Oh, it’s just the primary. I’ll show up for the Presidential Election.'” said Davis.

Primary elections typically see fewer voters, but those who showed up to vote say they wanted their voices to be heard.

“I think it’s important to exercise your civic duty, get out, and vote,” said Sean Garrick, Lexington voter.

Another new statewide change is the voting machine and check-in process. Poll workers say they prefer iPads to check IDs. However, there has not been as smooth as a transition to the new ballot scanner.

“People are not realizing you have to bubble in the spaces completely,” said David. “If you make a dot or any kind of stray symbol, it doesn’t go through the scanner properly.”

Poll workers had been through a steep learning curve to master the new procedures. For three days, poll workers took classes to learn everything. However, any hiccups the poll workers endure went unnoticed by most voters.

“The process was seamless,” said Garrick. “Well staffed. I was in and out in a couple minutes.”