Property owner looking to identify vandalism suspects


LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – A property owner is looking to identify the ones responsible for vandalizing a home she was renovating before a new tenant moved in.

Melinda Harpe says it happened around 7:30 Thursday evening on Bold Bidder Drive in Lexington.

“They had emptied a whole gallon of paint and then just rubbed it into the countertops,” said Harpe. “The flat top stove was completely white with paint.”

Harpe says video shows what appears to be two young girls coming into the home and causing the damage. She says not only did they use the paint that was already inside, but they had spray paint with them and painted obscenities on the walls.

“I’ve been managing rental property for 25 years plus. I’ve never had anything like this before,” Harpe said.

It’s estimated the damage will cost a few thousand dollars to fix, and set the project back at least a week. Harpe says a tenant is waiting to move in too.

Despite the damage and headaches to fix it, Harpe says she isn’t looking to press charges, but does want the two identified so she can talk to them and their parents.

“I would like for you to come, and maybe work and help fix some of the damage that you did. I think that would be a really good punishment for someone who did something like this, to see what it’s like to fix something that it took 15 minutes for you to destroy. It’s going to take a whole heck of a lot longer to fix.”

Harpe says anyone with information about who caused the damage can contact her at 859-260-1688 ext. 1.

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