Richmond Commissioner defends presence at DC Trump rally


RICHMOND, Ky. (WDKY) – A Richmond City commissioner is defending her presence at a Pro-Trump rally in Washington D.C.

Her response comes after a social media post sparked outrage from many in the community.

“I had no way of knowing there would be a demonstration of hatred and terror against our nation’s Capitol later that day,” City Commissioner Krystin Arnold said.

A Facebook post raised questions for many in Richmond, concerned to see newly-elected City Commissioner Krystin Arnold at a pro-Trump rally in Washington D.C. hours before a mob stormed the Capitol building.

“I was not party to any unlawful acts of any kind. I strongly condemn the violence and destruction,” Arnold said.

Arnold told the commission during a virtual, public meeting Tuesday that she won’t apologize for being there.

“My presence at the Capitol was an exercise of my First Amendment right as an American citizen,” Arnold said.

In an interview last week, Mayor Robert Blythe told WDKY while Arnold isn’t guilty of a crime, he was concerned her presence at the rally conflicts with her role as a non-partisan city commissioner.

He did not bring up any concerns during the virtual meeting. He told Arnold she did not have to address the situation unless she wanted to.

“There are citizens who do not agree with my attendance, but still understand my Constitutional right to attend,” Arnold said.

Arnold also said she deactivated her Facebook account after receiving “vicious attacks” toward her family.

No other commissioners commented on her presence at the rally during the virtual meeting tonight.

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