Runaway marina crashes into Frankfort bridge


FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WDKY) – A large dock that was floating down the Kentucky River hit a bridge Wednesday afternoon.

Emergency managers tell us the dock came from Herrington Lake and they’re working on a plan right now to deal with it.

“It took five hours or six hours for it to get here traveled about 50 miles upriver,” said Tom Russell, Franklin County emergency management director.

Kentucky transportation officials say the bridge that was hit is the Singing Bridge and it has been closed for repairs after being struck by a vehicle in late 2020. The bridge will be inspected to determine if it was further damaged.

We’re told the dock broke into several pieces after the collision with the Singing Bridge.

Transportation officials say three bridges were closed down for safety as the dock approached Frankfort. Those were the Capital Avenue, West Clinton Street and Mero Street bridges.

They say the Capital Avenue Bridge was also hit by the dock, but, after a drone inspection, it was reopened to traffic.

Now that the immediate threat has passed, Russell says they’re notifying their counterparts in other counties down the river.

“My staff passed it on to Owen county, Henry County and Carroll County,” Russell said. “It’s not as big a deal as it was coming down because the tops not on there and it’s broken apart some, but they do have some bridges down on the Kentucky River in Carroll County. So, just being a good neighbor to our buddies downriver.”

The Frankfort Plant Board also posted a video of the dock making its way through town. They said in a Facebook post they moved back for safety reasons and had they not wenched up their lines, the runaway dock would have taken them out.

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