Schools plan courses of action with in-person learning allowed to return Monday


Monday is the first-day Governor Andy Beshear is allowing schools to return to in-person learning.  While the decision can be made at a local level, the Governor’s office is recommending schools wait until next Monday, January 11th.

Estill County will start the year returning to in-person classes.

“The new year in 2021, we wanted to get started back on the right foot,” says Estill County Schools superintendent Jeff Saylor.  “We have a lot of students that no matter how hard we’ve worked, we have not been able to meet their needs. we’ve got a lot of students that are way behind. they are failing classes.”

Saylor says the district will take on a hybrid plan. Half the students will be in-person Mondays and Tuesdays while the other half will head into the building on Thursdays and Fridays.

“What it does is it gives us the ability to social distanced in our classrooms,” says Saylor.

Saylor says the school district is not only smaller than others, but the county has had fewer cases compared to many in the state.

A look at plans in other districts:

  • Fayette County will remain virtual until at least January 11th with an official decision coming sometime this week.
  • Clark County will be virtual this Monday.
  • Somerset Independence School with move forward with an in-person hybrid plan.

Fayette County schools will only return to in-person classes if the case numbers are low enough. If the average is about 132 cases per day, learning will remain remote.

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