Scott schools giving virtual option this fall


SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WDKY) – As cases have slowed, schools have been able to return to in-person learning. But this fall, Scott County will still allow some students to stick with virtual classes. School leaders say it’s an option a handful of students plan to take advantage of.

The school system will once again offer virtual learning as an option, but so far only 93 out of almost 10,000 students have signed up for it.

Superintendent Kevin Hub says for them, it shows a desire to return to normal.

“I think they understand that our safety protocols in place are doing a really good job preventing the spread of COVID and I think they understand, like we do as educators, that the best place for students is in person in front of the classroom in the school building,” Dr. Hub said.

The students who do chose the virtual option will have to provide their own equipment, and they’ll have attendance and grade requirements they’ll have to meet.

“They would need to be passing all their classes and in the elementary school grades they would need to be progressing to meet all the standards,” Dr. Hub said.

For high schoolers, it should be simple. They would be participating virtually in classes that are being taught. But the plans for K-8th grade are still being finalized. Originally, they had planned for a virtual academy, but with so few students signing up that may not happen.

Dr. Hub says they already have the mechanisms in place for students to learn from home.

“Those processes existed before the pandemic, through doctors notes and conversations with principals. We can have teachers assigned to those children through what’s called a “home in hospital” program.

Scott County is also giving students the option to take a supplemental school year if they choose. That means seniors who graduate this year could return for additional classes.

“This year was not a great year for lots of students and their families. If they would like the opportunity to repeat a grade or repeat some classes, that they are able to do that,” Dr. Hub said.

The final day for Scott County families to apply for virtual learning is Friday.

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