Some southern Kentucky businesses struggling to find employees


PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (WDKY) – Companies and businesses in southern Kentucky are desperate to hire people. At least three industries in Pulaski County say the problem seems to be that few are interested. They say they’re competing with unemployment and stimulus checks.

Leah Braden’s job is simply to find others who want to work for a large Pulaski County industry. The problem—many just don’t.

“We could interview them today, and start them next week,” said Braden, who works for ResourceMFG.

Most of her orders are for Toyotetsu. It has an immediate need for 21 workers. A recent order for 14 only saw two respond.

“Where people don’t have to show evidence they are looking for a job. Once they get unemployment with these extended unemployment benefits, they don’t tend to be looking for work,” said Donie Slagle with TTAI Toyotetsu.

It’s not just here, but in multiple industries and restaurants. We’re told that another industry needs 90 people that could start almost immediately. And some of these jobs pay $15 an hour with full benefits.

Chamber of Commerce Director Bobby Clue says some people just don’t see the need to work for pay.

“Disincentive from the federal government to want to work, because they think they have money right now. That’s going to last forever. They’re not wanting to work for that reason,” said Bobby Clue with the Somerset-Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce.

Now, hiring signs are common throughout town– from factories, to fast food, to talking on the phone.

“Call centers, you can walk right in the door and a similar wage. You can work indoors in an air conditioned environment. Every single day. There are lots and lots of jobs depending on what you want to do,” Clue said.

And if people don’t respond, it could impact those that do have jobs.

“In our industry, we certainly wouldn’t want that, but certainly we supply Toyota with all their plants in North America, if our plant were not to produce, if we had to close our plant, Toyota could not produce vehicles anywhere in North America,” Slagle said.

If not for you, officials say your action or inaction could impact others.

People looking for work should contact their local career center or chamber of commerce for help finding a job.

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