Berea sculptor has been turning out images of Santa for 25 years


BEREA-- Time stands still at one shop in Berea's artisan village... where it's Christmas 12 months of the year.

In a back room at Honeysuckle Vines, you'll find Santa's little helper.

Her name is Lindy Evans and she works in polymer clay.

The shop is called "Images of Santa Claus." Lindy's Santas come in all shapes and sizes and represent different countries and cultures. No two are alike.

She began crafting Kris Kringles 25 years ago and it quickly became a full-time job.

Lindy quickly learned to give her Santas twinkling eyes and laugh lines and the wisdom that comes with age. Tiny touches can give Santa a huge personality.

Now, Lindy teaches make-and-take workshops, helping others make Santas that will become family heirlooms.

Student Terry Kleczinski of Lexington has taken the class a couple of times. He said "It's really fun and there's really no way to mess it up. I think the little things you do just gives it character."

If indeed a student thinks their Santa looks more naughty than nice, Lindy always has a tool or technique to help them save face.

"I've never had anyone leave me their Santa or ask for their money back," she said.

There really is Christmas magic in her craft room, as students are amazed at how clumps of clay become Kris Kringle.

Georgia Bammerlin of Cincinnati said she had an "a-ha moment" when she put the lips on her figure's head. "Now it looks less like an alien and more like a Santa."

Lindy gets so busy this time of year that it would be easy to lose the Christmas spirit, but she found a way to chase away the Bah-Humbug feelings. She added a Scrooge figure to her line.

"I thought 'I'll put all this in his head and then I can be rid of my Scrooginess because I'm so tired.'" she laughed. She also makes elves, Mrs. Claus and some Halloween figures.

No matter how long it takes students to scrape and shape, Santa always comes. And the finished products bring comfort and joy.

Evans said she never dreamed she'd be doing this for a quarter century but she's not ready to quit.

"I keep teaching it because it makes my students happy which then makes me happy."


Click here for the Images of Santa Claus website.

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