Brightly decorated trailers serve up Italian treat, Kentucky style

Spotz Gelato

SCOTT COUNTY-- If you go to an event in Central Kentucky with a lot of food vendors, you may notice one that stands out. Spotz Gelato is served from vintage trailers, painted pink with polka dots.

Beth Richardson began Spotz Gelato four years ago and it apparently hits the spot with a lot of people looking for a sweet treat. Lines are long outside the trailer when it's parked at an event.

Beth and her husband Phillip Enlow whip up the Italian ice cream in a kitchen behind their Scott County farmhouse. It started as a hobby.

"Every time there was a potluck it was the item we would take," she said. "One too many people said 'you probably should try to sell this' and this is what happened."

After a lot of experimenting, Beth has learned just the right mixture of ingredients to pour into the gelato machine. It may be Italian in origin, but her version is Kentucky Proud.

"Even the milk comes from Kentucky cows," Beth said. "We source almost all of our fruit, except bananas and things we can't get here, from Kentucky farmers."

It takes about 13 minutes of chilling and churning for the liquid mixture to turn into a frozen delight. The product is in such demand , Beth is spending as much time on the road as she does in the kitchen.

They can only offer seven or eight flavors from the trailer, but Spotz has come up with more than 50 flavors and is trying new recipes all the time.

"One of our most poular this season so far has been bourbon cherry cheescake. That's been a real winner."

What's the difference between ice cream and gelato? Primarily, gelato has less fat and is churned at a slower speed, meaning it's denser because less air is whipped into the mixture.

Beth believes another key to their success is the vintage trailers they use. They now have three of them.

Whenever you have a new product, you have to get noticed. That's not a problem with Spotz, which has found the perfect blend between gaudy and tasteful.

The owners recently purchased a winter home in a beach town in Nicaragua and plan to open a gelato shop there from November through March, which is the slow season in Kentucky.


For more information, click here for the Spotz Gelato website.

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