Cynthiana home has become a recording studio for Santa

Spirit of the Bluegrass

CYNTHIANA, KENTUCKY (WDKY)– Garry Uhles does things a little differently than most people. He doesn’t put on a suit until he comes home from work.

He also puts on some music, and, within minutes, he’s a different person.

This pharmacy technician by day becomes Santa Claus by night.

“We got the suit and I was so excited,” he said. “I tried to think about what we could do and, really, with our current situation, you can’t get out there.”

But his wife Viota had an idea: if kids can’t see Santa face to face, they could put him in the palms of their hands.

The couple turned their living room into a recording studio and created a Facebook page offering to make personalized messages from St. Nick. The page is Santa Videos and Stories (GAU)

Tiffany Workman of Bourbon County was one of the first parents to get a personalized message for her youngest children and she says they’ve watched it over and over. Her son, Jace, was surprised Santa knew it was his 4th birthday.

“The kids have had a really rough time this year as far as COVID goes, so they don’t really understand,” Workman said. “So bringing the magic back is probably one of the best things for a parent right now.”

Nearly 400 requests for videos came in in the first week.

“Once we get home, we turn on the equipment, put on the suits, and go until 10, 11, 12 o’clock at night,” Garry said.

Viota didn’t plan to be part of the videos. She takes the requests and writes the scripts. But Garry insisted she take part, so she got a “Mrs. Claus” costume and admits she’s really getting into the role.

“I’m a nurse, so my job is a little bit stressful, but when we come home and start doing these videos… everything else just melts away,” she said.

Garry said making the videos just “warms his heart.” There is no charge for the videos.

” The only payment I want is to see happy kids.”


Here is the link to request a video, but the couple may get more than they’ll be able to fulfill this year. They hope to do it again next year, so plan ahead! Also, check the Facebook page for live feeds with messages for all children.

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