ERLANGER, Ky. (FOX 56) – When Dan Tewes goes to work each morning, it’s for the birds.

“They see us now, They’re all coming up here,” he said as the birds flocked toward us.

Tewes Farm has been selling turkeys in northern Kentucky since the 1950s. The farm itself has been around since the 1910s when Dan’s grandfather started raising chickens and selling eggs.

They still sell other birds, but the farm is best known for its turkeys.

“We sell around 3,000 a year,” Tewes said.

They scratch and peck to make ends meet some months, but from Thanksgiving until Christmas, it’s all gravy.

“The rest of the year, you’re lucky if you sell two a week,” Tewes said.

The birds you see roaming the farm in November are big and white—a domesticated breed that Tewes said is twice as big as ones you’re likely to find in the wild. He strives for 20-pounders.

“A lot of people want that 10- to 12-pound turkey,” he said. “I do not like to sell that turkey for the simple fact it doesn’t have the flavor yet. They’re not filled out. Even though it might be too big for you, this (20 pounds) is the perfect size taste-wise.”

The turkeys cost more here, going for $3.50 a pound this year.

“Stores sell them for a loss and I can’t do that,” he said. He blames the skyrocketing price of corn to feed the turkeys.


You won’t get one any fresher than the ones they sell here, and the turkeys come dressed, ready to pop in the oven.

Tewes said turkeys can be amusing creatures and very curious. Each time he whistles, they gobble back in unison.

“They like to be noisier than you,” said Tewes.

Time gets gobbled up in this busy season, but at Tewes Farm, they don’t complain about long days.

“I tell people if I ain’t busy at Thanksgiving time, I ain’t here next year,” Tewes said.

He said demand is greater this year, and he doesn’t expect to have many turkeys available for walk-in customers. He’s advising people to reserve a turkey online so they will be sure to get one.